Cheap Vs Expensive Fishing Rod

Fishing is perceived as one of the least expensive hobbies. Though, it can take a different turn, if you want to buy some upgraded gear. Hence, the question arises - is there any difference between cheap and expensive fishing rods? Some say fishing is all about patience and attention. Others say that expensive rods can increase your chances of success. Let’s find out if there any real difference between cheap and expensive rods.


Let’s start with the popular opinion that expensive fishing rods are more sensitive. Therefore, they are able to detect even the slightest of bites, which increases your chances to spot a fish. Well, that can be of use, of course. Though, it all depends on the purpose of your fishing. First of all, if you are fishing for pleasure, as a nice hobby, or a way to stay in touch with nature, you can do just fine with the cheaper rods. You will still be able to fish. A cheaper rod will not steal the joy of this experience. Sometimes, catching a fish is the last purpose of fishing.
With this being said, there are many additional factors that you should consider before getting a rod. The level of expertise, for one, is important. There is no need for expensive fishing pod for beginners. The equipment doesn’t teach people to fish. In fact, a more complicated and expensive pod can be too confusing for a beginner. Hence, here the high price will not work in its favor. The location plays its role too. Expensive fishing rods can be used for a specific location, with a lot of underwater life, heavy water flow, and so on.

Financially efficiency

Longevity should be also taken into consideration. A common belief is that a more expensive rod will be of use longer. However, whether it is more financially efficient is still under question. The majority of expensive fishing gear, in comparison to a cheaper price range, can be higher in prices up to ten times and more. You can buy two cheap fishing rods in 10 years, or you can buy one expensive rod that will serve you ten years straight. Thus, you are not saving up money in the long run, just by investing more in an expensive rod.


The performance of fishing rods depends on two crucial factors - the level of expertise of a fisherman and the quality of a rod. As you may know, there are hundreds of various brands that make fishing rods. Hence, it will be difficult to calculate an average performance based only on the prices. It is better to compare brands and models to judge rods’ performances. You can always pay to do homework on rods performances. How? By asking a salesman in a local fishing gear store about the popularity of each brand.

Is an expensive fishing rod worth it?

In the end, it all depends on your expectations and needs. There is no evidence that a more expensive rod can be much better than a cheaper one. It’s also not so clear whether it is more efficient to fish with more expensive rods. After all, a talented and experienced fisherman rarely fancies very expensive equipment. Most expensive fishing rods were created for sport and competitive purposes before everything else. Hence, if fishing is just a hobby of yours, you can make your choice by buying rods on a cheaper end.